We wrote a book about our experiences.

Manuel Miranda, pictured here, designed the book.

This book is a manual for young people who want to build a new economy on their own terms. This book is written by and for creative people who believe that an economy of justice is possible, and that we can build spaces of hope for one another to experience the world we want to see. This book comes from eight years of experience forming fifty barter-run learning spaces in thirty cities around the world. We will tell you how to organize a collective, how to set up a learning space, and how to work with a barter system to meet your needs and the needs of your community.

Trade School was a non-traditional learning space where students barter with teachers that ran from 2009-2019. At Trade School, anyone could teach a class. Students signed up for classes by agreeing to bring a barter item that the teacher requested. Trade School became an international network of local, self-organized chapters with over 22,000 people in classes. Each chapter coordinated the exchange of knowledge for barter items and services.

CONTRIBUTING AUTHORS / TRADE SCHOOL ORGANIZERS: Alegria Acosta, Eduardo Enrique Aguilar, Rachel Arnould, Nicole Bergen, Laura Billings, Desiree Brandon, Estefania Bravo, Silvia Canelon, Alessandro Contini, Daniel Dordelly, Elie Gauthey, Lungisani Gumbi, Colin Hynson, Athena Kokoronis, Nicole Lazzari, Louise Ma, Anthi Mouriadou, Tessa Naiker, Nicola, Danila Pelicani, Marie Claire Peytrignet, Narmada Ramakrishna, Thania Rodriguez, Michelle Soto, Ronay Tuncer, Brittany West, Amy Whitaker, Marietta Wildt, Caroline Woolard, and Or Zubalsky.

ISBN 978-0-578-50689-0
COPYRIGHT Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
Contact CarolineWoolard@gmail.com

Anyone could teach a class. Students would sign up for class by agreeing to bring a barter item that the teacher requested.

The first Trade School opened in 2009. Trade School became an international network of local, self-organized chapters.


There were 50 Trade School chapters worldwide and counting.

Each chapter coordinated the exchange of knowledge for barter items and services.

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22,771 people took a class at Trade School.

  • Singapore since 2012

    30 classes
    332 students
    29 teachers

  • London since 2012

    31 classes
    173 students
    28 teachers

  • Cardiff since 2012

    49 classes
    272 students
    47 teachers

  • Guadalajara since 2012

    123 classes
    676 students
    79 teachers

  • Paris since 2012

    111 classes
    298 students
    73 teachers

  • Glasgow since 2012

    43 classes
    362 students
    33 teachers

  • Indianapolis since 2012

    308 classes
    3405 students
    168 teachers

  • Quito since 2012

    222 classes
    1299 students
    206 teachers

  • Edinburgh since 2012

    37 classes
    115 students
    23 teachers

  • Croydon since 2012

    17 classes
    50 students
    15 teachers

  • Chihuahua since 2013

    38 classes
    177 students
    32 teachers

  • Athens since 2013

    61 classes
    413 students
    46 teachers

  • Dublin since 2013

    50 classes
    280 students
    49 teachers

  • Geneva since 2014

    257 classes
    1096 students
    158 teachers

  • Los Angeles since 2014

    188 classes
    123 students
    109 teachers

  • Guayaquil since 2014

    29 classes
    169 students
    17 teachers

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia since 2014

    125 classes
    652 students
    76 teachers

  • Pietermaritzburg since 2014

    49 classes
    129 students
    40 teachers

  • Loughton since 2015

    29 classes
    84 students
    26 teachers

  • Sacramento since 2015

    22 classes
    136 students
    19 teachers

  • San Juan Del Sur since 2015

    41 classes
    61 students
    32 teachers

  • York since 2015

    22 classes
    65 students
    23 teachers

  • Dudley since 2016

    49 classes
    96 students
    37 teachers

  • Coseley since 2016

    6 classes
    7 students
    7 teachers

  • Port Of Spain since 2017

    8 classes
    61 students
    8 teachers