Jan 28, 2016 Thursday
(Almost full)
The Open Shop
20 Hawthorn Terrace
York GB

Have you ever wondered what all of those buttons on your camera that don't say "auto" do? Ever been stuck with blurry photos and you don't know why? Finger covering the lens? If so, join me as we learn the basics of photography including what those other settings do, and why we might choose to use them, either just to get a good picture, or for creative effect. This class is intended to be hands on so please bring a camera of some sort if you can. Anything will do, whether it's a fancy SLR or a phone, the principals are the same. If you don't have anything but are still interested, that's fine too, please come anyway.

Bring one of the following:
A sports car :)
A surprise for the teacher.
A willingness to participate.
Some food or snacks for the group.

About the teacher, Dan O'Connell

Dan loves understanding things and enjoys sharing knowledge with others. He became interested in photography after wanting to take better photo's on holiday and would describe himself as a hobbyist.