Feb 19, 2015 Thursday
(Almost full)

Drawing Geometric Patterns

7:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.
James Wilson Coffee Shop
357 Norwood Road
London SE27 9BQ GB

Learn to draw the 'flower of life', an important and symbolic geometric composition, that can be used as a template for creating hundreds of patterns. We will draw the pattern together using a compass, pencil and ruler and discuss how it can be used as a template for designing further tessellating patterns and grids. If you have a compass, pencil, eraser or ruler please bring it along, although I will try and bring enough for everyone. Paper will be provided.

Bring one of the following:
A (pleasant) surprise for the teacher
A birdfeeder
A Cormac McCarthy book
A pot plant (preferably succulent or cactus)
Coloured tracing paper
Homemade cake for the class
Patterned craft paper/card

About the teacher, Ameet Hindocha

I am a designer & printmaker, living and making in West Norwood and teaching digital media at Camberwell College of Art. A recent course in geometry has unearthed a latent passion in me which I hope to share by running this Trade School.