Aug 25, 2016 Thursday

Yoga for everybody!

8:30a.m. to 9:30a.m.
Grateful Yoga
Beach Street

This class is suited to all levels of yogis, offering instruction and choices for beginners and also opportunities to choose more challenging options for intermediate level yogis to increase the level of intensity. The practice is a mix of focus on learning proper technique and safe transitions, and then implementing into various flow sequences to strengthen and stretch the entire body, followed by floor work, stretching and relaxation.

Bring one of the following:
Anything you'd like to share with me
Dark chocolate
Fresh baking
Fresh fish
Fresh fruits or vegetables

About the teacher, Bobbi Nordal

I am a yoga alliance registered instructor that has been teaching for four years. I strive to practice and teach yoga with passion and compassion with inclusive classes for students of all levels. What is important to me is the harmony between mind and body that comes with practicing yoga, and the sense of gratitude and self-realization. I encourage my students to keep a positive attitude with a sense of humor and sense of play throughout classes with that continuing into their lives.