Jul 14, 2016 Thursday

Yoga for Back Care

10:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.
Grateful Yoga
Beach Street

This class is at 9 am at Grateful Yoga, located beachfront on the Rojo Loco Patio, just past Eskimo by a couple hundred meters, across from artisan roundabout::: Back pain is not something you have to live with. With a thoughtful, intelligent yoga practice we can relieve chronic back pain and restore balance. The majority of us will experience lower back pain at some point in our lives. Fortunately we know that most back pain is due to muscular imbalance, which can be managed with a steady and targeted yoga practice. Through developing awareness of our imbalances, paired with specific asanas and postural alignment, we can begin to balance out and restore the body’s natural integrity. In this one-hour class will be suitable for all-levels. We will discover our own strengths and weaknesses in these areas and move through a nourishing practice dedicated to the back, providing you with tools to heal and maintain.

Bring one of the following:
anything you feel called to share
anything you have in abundance
childrens toys
guitar or drum lessons
surprise me

About the teacher, Chetana

A registered Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, medical intuitive, and massage therapist who practices and teaches yoga, meditation, breath work, energy medicine, Tantra, and Ayurveda, and shamanism and divining. An avid surfer and mom, Chetana's journey in yoga began over 12 years ago when she felt herself drawn to Yoga for well being and an alternative lifestyle to her stress filled life with careers as a whitewater rafting guide, professional kayaker, backcountry ski guide, and infantry section commander. While under the wing of Baba Hari Dass she discovered that there was something to yoga and Ayurveda because not only were not only the perfect way to balance out the body’s strengths and weaknesses, but within 2 months of a more mindful daily practice she also immediately started feeling more peaceful and at ease. As her awareness grew she was able to manage chronic injuries left in her body from her past adventures and careers in the military and extreme sports and outdoor tourism. She even healed herself of being bed ridden by a crippling back pain by committing to a steady and mindful yoga practice and following the teachings. She remains constantly aware of how deep this practice can heal old traumas and rekindle peace, well wing, and how good it can make one feel on a daily basis. A firm believer in the body-mind connection, she encourages her students to move away from the ego and into the true self. She is currently teaching and offering hatha, flow, tantra, Ayurveda, intuitive readings, shamanism, chakra balancing, pranayama, meditation, and vinyasa yoga at Dancing Moon Yoga and Massage Therapy in San Juan Del Sur and a host of private clients across the world. Her classes emphasize a strong awareness of physicality along with self-acceptance and trust in the innate intelligence of the body.