Jan 18, 2016 Monday

Two Burner Gourmet

1:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.
To Be Decided
221B Baker St
Back of Beyond NI

Learn how to cook tasty, nutritious and budget friendly meals utilizing a simple kitchen with just two burners! Come to my tiny home in barrio la planta and we will cook delicious meals using simple and available ingredients with the goal being great nutrition and no wasted food. For the first class I was thinking about doing a beautiful chicken stock. So many great dishes are made just so much better with a great stock. It is simple and the best part is that it uses parts of the chicken you would normally just throw away! Learn to use an entire chicken. We will start with a whole raw bird, cut it, cook it, carve it, eat it and use the carcass to render down a beautiful stock that can be used in everything from soups to rice and hundreds of other dishes! While chickens are cheaper than other butchered products per pound and can be used so many different ways. Meeting: 12:45pm in from of Barrio Planta Project on the seafront and we´ll walk to my place. It´s after the Catrina Mexican restaurant and also where Elixir Chiropractice is.

Bring one of the following:
Cooking vessels (frying pans, pots etc)
Fresh fruits and veg
More wine ;)

About the teacher, Adam Vandermey

I am a Chef living in San Juan on and off for the last 2 years I have a "Personal Chef" service that I offer in the area, I also just recently became a partner in a local tour company (more details to follow). I love making good food, simple food and honestly, food that anyone could make if they just took the time! Lets have some fun with food!