Nov 29, 2015 Sunday
Dancing Moon Yoga and Massage Therapy
Barrio Frente Sur

Ever had a partner or friend ask you to rub his/her neck, and feel a little intimidated by the prospect? Am I any good at it? Am I hurting them? Wait, is this going somewhere 'else'? Ever wish that the person who's rubbing your neck/back would just stop because it's too light, too hard, or too creepy? We'll spend some time going over some basic techniques and methods you can use to work on someone's neck and back (we'll focus on doing this in seated positions), how to request and offer helpful feedback, and being clear about the difference between therapeutic and intimate touch. Bring yourselves, a large pillow, and all your questions! Directions to Dancing Moon: Just past the library, south along the back of the church road, go past surfing donkey hostel and Into barrio frente sur. Go one block (past pulperia shantal and francy's laundry) and 2 house past francy's laundry, before the hill and the Y in the road, Our place is on the right, white gate... With a white board sign out front when classes are on. If you start to go up the hill you've gone too far:::

Bring one of the following:
An adult beverage (in hand or at a bar)
Food. Either prepared meal or ingredients for cooking like eggs, cheese, veggies or whatever
Invite me to a meal in your home, or to cook one together
Invite me to Thanksgiving dinner
Snack foods of any kind, healthier the better
Surf lesson (I have no board or skills)

About the teacher, Scott Pauker

I'm a bodyworker with 12 years of professional private practice experience. I've accrued thousands of hours of continuing education, including certifications in KMI Structural Integration (think Rolfing), Aston Patterning, Thai massage, and many injury treatment oriented manual therapy techniques. I'm in the midst of an indefinite sabbatical from my practice to ride my bicycle from the Arctic Ocean in Alaska to the Southern tip of Argentina (20,000 miles in so far), offering myself in service creatively wherever possible (LOVING the idea of this trade school!)