Dec 8, 2015 Tuesday

Monthly Art Activity

1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.
To Be Decided
221B Baker St
Back of Beyond NI

Each month we will meet for a 3 hour session at a local venue TBA and create! To begin December class will be creating mandalas with our found natural treasures. i.e. stones, shells, driftwood... Like the mandalas the monks create of sand these creations will be impermanent. We will photograph them and email you a slide show of your results the week after the event. As your artist leader I will assist you with the color, texture, composition, and applaud your efforts. Good News: you get to keep your treasures or donate them to your artist leader. lol

Bring one of the following:
Feed me i.e. fresh fruit, vegetables &/or a meal size portion of your favorite recipes
Plants, seeds, pots, quality soil, compost...
Professional photographs of the event & a session with my work for my portfolio
Storage Space for some doors, etc.
take me along on trips for shopping etc. to Rivas, Managua, Granada, parts unkown...
You have a washer and dryer, do my laundry

About the teacher, trudonna

Teaching in the community is a vital part of my fine art studio practice. It assures that my studio practice adds value. I have been creating & teaching art to children and adults for over 40 years.