Nov 25, 2015 Wednesday
(Almost full)
Reina's House
Playa El Remanso
South of SJDS NI

Learn how to make cuajada cheese and be inventive adding herbs and other ingredients to make very special cuajadas. You any ingredients you would like to try and blend into the cuajada.

Bring one of the following:
A bottle of… something !
Bread or something we could eat the cuajada with
Give a lift to the other participants in your car
Homegrown vegetable or fruit
Homemade food
Offer a class/activity for the Trade School SJDS
Sport activity for our kids (10 and 12 years old)

About the teacher, Reina

About Reyna: She is Nicaraguan from Nueva Guinea and she enjoys home cooking. She has been making cheese for a long time and wants to share her knowledge. Laetitia will provide helping hands and translate the Spanish into English.