Aug 18, 2016 Thursday

Day's End Meds

5:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.
To Be Decided
221B Baker St
Back of Beyond NI

MEETING ON THE BEACH ACROSS FROM DISCOVERY RE & LA CATRINA MEXICAN RESTAURANT Meditating or Sun Gazing at the end of the daylight hours can help reset your Circadian Rhythms and improve your sleep, reduce anxiety and worry and in general create a naturally sustainable sense of well being. Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5pm find me on the beach in front of Rojo Loco/Grateful Yoga and join me for your preferred style of evening meditation. I will set the tone with my consistency and focus. Sometimes there will be chanting. Sometimes Tibetan Bowls. Sometimes, perhaps, Satsang.

Bring one of the following:
whatever you feel like giving
A ride (shopping, visiting, ....)
organic produce/eggs

About the teacher, stanlee

(see Morning Meds description of CV) Making my retirement home in San Juan del Sur means building like minded community. "If we were meant to be here alone ... there wouldn't be so damned many of us here!" Gathering together is a life practice ... come join me ...