Nov 26, 2015 Thursday

Basic Bicycle Maintenance 101!

1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.
To Be Decided
221B Baker St
Back of Beyond NI

I'm in the midst of riding my bicycle South since Alaska (20,000 miles in so far), heading to Patagonia. Keeping the bike up and running has been a work in progress, and I'd love to share some insights on what to watch out for as well as some simple fixes to common problems. Bring your bike in whatever condition it is, whatever tools you have to work on it, some chain lube if you have it, and let's see if we can get it smooth and silent! Mostly this class will be a diagnostic one, but I'm happy to offer any repairs I can afterward on a food donation basis!

Bring one of the following:
A haircut?
An adult beverage or two (in hand or at a bar!)
Any home cooked meals, especially in a home!
Basic cooking foods like eggs and veggies to help me save cash on eating while here (see the pattern?!?)
Invite me to Thanksgiving dinner
Snack foods of any kind, healthier the better

About the teacher, Scott Pauker

I'm a bodyworker with 12 years of professional private practice experience. I've accrued thousands of hours of continuing education, including certifications in KMI Structural Integration (think Rolfing), Aston Patterning, Thai massage, and many injury treatment oriented manual therapy techniques. I'm in the midst of an indefinite sabbatical from my practice to ride my bicycle from the Arctic Ocean in Alaska to the Southern tip of Argentina (20,000 miles in so far), offering myself in service creatively wherever possible (LOVING the idea of this trade school!)