We are currently accepting classes for the Winter!  Sign up to teach by following the steps below...

1. Become a member of our cooperative.

2. Make sure you understand our principles and read about our how our space is organized/what resources are available.

3. Schedule a time to see our classroom so you know where you will be teaching. The best way to do this is by attending a class or attending an event.



What can I teach?

We're looking for classes on anything and everything, in formats ranging from workshops to discussion groups, from yoga to shared meals. Not sure what you can offer? Peruse our student wish list or check out our previous courses offered.



What do I barter?

First, it's important to know WHY we barter. We reject cold cash transactions in our classroom because barter fosters relationships. Trading allows you to get to know your community through sharing accessible resources. Ask yourself these questions to start brainstorming what you can barter...

What hobbies would you enjoy learning?
What skills/resources do you need for your projects? 
What do you like? We love the project Go Ahead & Like It for inspiration.
What do people make that you would like to swap for? 
What do you need help with?