Oct 17, 2015 Saturday
3433 Broadway
Sacramento, Ca 95817 US

The end goal of the class is to be able to make your coffee at home better than ever before. We are bringing various ways to make coffee at home and instruct the class on whatever they want. We are teaching aero-press and pour overs etc.

Bring one of the following:
3-5 photos of our coffee that are social media ready (they can be submitted before or after taking the course)
3-6 bottles of craft root beer
Locally made donuts or other local pastries

About the teacher, Greg Cotta & Benza Cox-Lance

Benza Cox-Lance is the director of coffee at Seasons Coffee Roasters. He is the guy who finds all of our coffees and roasts them to perfection. He spent 6 years at Temple before co-founding Insight, so he may even be a better barista than roaster. He can teach an excellent course on home brewing, as coffee at home is our jam. Whether it be perfecting a French press or nailing your mason jar of cold brew, Ben can teach it really well. Saturday evening, the 17th would work well for us because we are taking over Nido on R Street for a Pop-up coffee event that morning. We'd be able to promote it all day. If you are also interested in a Display California signature blend that we could feature in our brewing course, as well as have available for sale on the shelf after the course, that would be very doable! Call or text me whenever you like! -Greg