Nov 12, 2015 Thursday

Screen Printing Basics

6:00p.m. to 7:30p.m.
3433 Broadway
Sacramento, Ca 95817 US

"This class will cover the basics of screen printing: - How to prepare screen for printing - Setting up the job to print - How to backflip - Registering a job - Different inks and techniques - Reclaiming (cleaning Screens) - Go over other basics and knowledge of screen printing *Bring a one white Tshirt

Bring one of the following:
Good tasting root beer (stole from a previous teacher)
A Good book
An hour of reclaiming some screens at my shop
Bring an old coat to give to a homeless person or pack of new socks
Favorite beef jerky
Good Beer
Piece of Artwork
Sour Gummies
Teach me a skill

About the teacher, Ryan Ouzts

Let's be straight to the point I love art and building things; and made screen printing as my main form of income and opened my own shop almost a year ago. I've been screen printing for over 7 years and worked for big lame uninspiring companies and some little shops. I want to teach people my knowledge of screen printing and see others do radical things with it and they can possibly teach me something.