Jun 22, 2018 Friday

Get Fitted w/ Jenodora Atelier

12:00p.m. to 2:00p.m.
3433 Broadway
Sacramento, Ca 95817 US

How to do your own alterations and fittings while understanding proper sewing tools necessary (fabric scissors, measuring tape, pins/ safety pins, marking tools, needles, thread, sewing machine), understanding manufacture finishes to completing alterations w/ proper allowances and stitch techniques. Bring: Garments you’d like to alter; hem/ taper pants, sleeves, dart, take in and slim down or let out and loosen

Bring one of the following:
4+ bottles of water
A sprouted vegetable or herb plant
hand sanitizer or wet wipes
spaghetti ingredients (pasta, marinara sauce)
two hours volunteer time for unseen heroes
Watermelon Sour gummies

About the teacher, Jennifer Nodora

“I don’t do fashion- I am Fashion” -Coco Chanel. Jennifer Nodora has designed her life with style as a fashion teacher of EGUSD, a business owner that services people w/ their garment needs to designing and creating individuals dreams and ideas. A necessity and luxury- clothing can take you to levels unknown fitting you in, standing out or making statements- w/ her knowledge and history, love for people and fashion- this is an experience you will utilize through your life.