Jun 22, 2018 Friday
3433 Broadway
Sacramento, Ca 95817 US

How to do your own alterations and fittings while understanding proper sewing tools necessary (fabric scissors, measuring tape, pins/ safety pins, marking tools, needles, thread, sewing machine), understanding manufacture finishes to completing alterations w/ proper allowances and stitch techniques. Bring: Garments you’d like to alter; hem/ taper pants, sleeves, dart, take in and slim down or let out and loosen

Bring one of the following:
4+ bottles of water
A sprouted vegetable or herb plant
hand sanitizer or wet wipes
spaghetti ingredients (pasta, marinara sauce)
Watermelon Sour gummies

About the teacher, Jennifer Nodora

“I don’t do fashion- I am Fashion” -Coco Chanel. Jennifer Nodora has designed her life with style as a fashion teacher of EGUSD, a business owner that services people w/ their garment needs to designing and creating individuals dreams and ideas. A necessity and luxury- clothing can take you to levels unknown fitting you in, standing out or making statements- w/ her knowledge and history, love for people and fashion- this is an experience you will utilize through your life.