Nov 6, 2015 Friday

Beginning Sign Language

1:30a.m. to 3:30a.m.
3433 Broadway
Sacramento, Ca 95817 US

"This class is best for those who have never taken a sign language class, or for those beginners who have forgotten most of what they learned. At the end of this class you WILL be able to at the very least, sign hello and goodbye. Come hang out, have fun, play BINGO and in the process, learn a few signs. Plan to stay two hours." Nun-chuck skills are pretty cool to have, but not necessary for this class. Two hands are nice for the beginners, but having just one also works. Most def bring a sense of humor, or at least some defensive armor against mine. A bottle of wine to share might help.

Bring one of the following:
macadamia nuts, salted
margarita mix
snack for class that does not require clean up
something handmade by your soon-to-be-signing hands
two hours volunteer time for unseen heroes

About the teacher, Timarie Shelton

I like to create. Some of my sheep friends look to me to lead (the others just think I can be bossy). Why not combine the two and teach a workshop? Actually, I have implemented and led many years' worth of workshops for students K-6; how hard can it be to teach adults???