Current Venue for Trade School Port of Spain classes

Our current venue is WE Cafe  located at #3 Crystal Stream, Diego Martin. WE Cafe is a community oriented cafe supporting local produce and products in healthy food and drink and a whole collaborative atmosphere in small business and social, cultural and climate action. We hope to see you there!


Are you interested in donating a venue for Trade School Port of Spain classes?

Trade School Port of Spain is always looking for new venues in, around and near Port of Spain and environs where we can host classes for groups of 15 to 20 students.

We want to build partnerships

We are looking to build partnerships with organisations and businesses who are interested in promoting social change through alternative forms of education (like our barter for knowledge model of learning) through donating a space that you have available e.g. conference room, coffee shop, classroom, exercise studio etc.

Trade School Port of Spain operates on no budget but our volunteers are committed to bring people a fun, safe and interactive learning experience. 

Do you have a space which can be used for Trade School Port of Spain classes? 

If you have an available space please feel free to contact Sasha or Kosi at We look forward to increasing our venue spaces and building new partnerships!