Jan 20, 2018 Saturday

Three Ways of Finding Lasting Joy

9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.
We Cafe
We Cafe, 3 Crystal Stream Road
Diego Martin TT

Kickstart 2018 with our January edition of Trade School Port of Spain as author Carolyn Correia helps us to navigate life's storms in this interactive and engaging class on 3 ways of finding lasting joy. Through the use of imagery, real life/practical anecdotes and Q&A, you will discover why it is never too late to accomplish your dreams as you are given food for thought to unearth your true passion and purpose, and/or rejuvenate your existing career/vocation. Listen to her formula for avoiding the 'plague of obsessive comparison disorder' which is so prevalent in our culture and how to tap into what really brings you joy. Find out how to return to your centre, especially if you've lost your 'mojo', how to be discerning and identify toxic people/naysayers who try to kill your dreams and how to discover true abundance in spite of your circumstance.

Bring one of the following:
2018 Diary/Planner
Aromatherapy dehumidifier
Bottle of (good) extra dry white wine
Herbal tea (tea bags) or ground coffee
HP 662 Black cartridge
HP 662 Colour cartridge
Potted plants of herbs, vegetables or roses
Scented Candles
Two hours of volunteering for admin/(tele)marketing/sales services for Carolyn
Written Testimonial after class

About the teacher, Carolyn Kristy Correia

Carolyn Kristy Correia is a writer, turned storyteller who is passionate about helping others find their true passion and life's purpose. She is a communications consultant, speaker and freelance journalist with 100+ published articles that have appeared in the Woman Express, Newsday, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily (NYC), Maco People, Panache Jamaica, Paradise Pulse magazines and more. She has 10+ years experience in the private and public sectors in the fields of Corporate Communications, Marketing and Human Resource Management in industries such as finance, entrepreneurship, trade/commerce, tourism and media. She is a creative at heart that grounds her passion in a theoretical framework with undergraduate and post graduate qualifications and certifications in Mass Communications, Public Relations, Literature, Human Resource Management and Broadcasting. Join her at Trade School and I promise you, she will be sure to put a smile on your face.