Jun 23, 2018 Saturday

Social Media for Small Business

10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.
We Cafe
We Cafe, 3 Crystal Stream Road
Diego Martin TT

This interactive session is set to change your view on the use of social media to boost your reach. Sydney seeks to create an engaging conversation on practical solutions, small business can use to manage their social media content. Participants will be given tools for effective content creation, photography insight and the importance of choosing the right platforms for your business.

Bring one of the following:
Gym Membership Vouchers
Home-Schooling Resources
Meal Planning

About the teacher, Sydney Joseph

Sydney Joseph has been working in the field of photography and social media since graduating secondary school, after a brief start as a model, she was left feeling dejected by the criticism of her body not fitting the “model type”. This led her to pursue a career in photography so that she could make every single person she captured feel beautiful in their own skin. Her embodiment of entrepreneurship carried her to venture further into other passions. She has always held an interest in local dialect which she believes allows us to express ourselves in ways that standard English does not. It is with this passion for communication and a chance encounter helping a family friend with their social media, she realized how effective social media platforms could be for communication. It is with this mindset that she started the Sydney Joseph Social Media Management company. Sydney is also a passionate volunteer for causes that help to build better futures and has worked with causes and organisations such as 868Change, TEDxPortof Spain and the Growing Leaders Foundation as she believes that donating her time to causes that pursue great action is necessary for change in Trinidad and Tobago.