Past classes


Financial Planning For Your Future

10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.
National Commission for UNESCO
15 Wainwright Street
Port of Spain TT

This session will be focusing on your tomorrow, that is planning for your ideal retirement. We would delve in the major components to look at in building your portfolio as well as transitioning from career to retirement. This presentation is designed to help individuals understand the need to prepare for retirement, protect their assets with effective estate planning as well as preserve their accumulation and income to retire secure and most importantly, ENJOY RETIREMENT.

Bring one of the following:
A mind that is willing to learn
Coca Cola (small glass bottles)
Laundry detergent (any brand, any type)
Tea light candles

About the teacher, Nadira Seepersad

Nadira Seepersad is a Financial Planner by qualification, Financial Services Marketer by profession and a Financial Educator by passion. With well over a decade of experience in the financial sector Nadira has channelled her wealth and knowledge into several projects geared at improving financial literacy in Trinidad and Tobago. After completing the local Certificate for Financial Advisors Nadira went on to pursue the Canadian Certified Financial Planner Programme and graduated the top of her year in 2010 and has now amassed experience in Retail Banking, Investment Banking and Asset Management as well as Insurance Services. Nadira has been conducting financial seminars for twelve years across Trinidad and Tobago having lent her expertise to governmental and non governmental institutions in a drive to promote financial literacy. Nadira continues to be a strong advocate for understanding finance in Trinidad and Tobago and still occasionally facilitates seminars at no costs to the public.

National Commission for UNESCO
15 Wainwright Street
Port of Spain TT

Want to be more energy efficient at home, school or work? This class will teach you the basics of conservation and efficiency of electricity usage. We will also discuss how to prepare for the use of renewable energy. Tips and strategies on implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy will also be outlined. You can leave this ready to cut your current electricity bill.

Bring one of the following:
#210 Canon Printer ink cartridge
#211 Canon Printer ink cartridge
Bag of potstickers
Box of salmon bites
Folgers medium roast coffee
Full Star Wars Saga on CDs
Pack of Alaskan salmon
Pack of Kilm powdered milk
Videography services for 2 hours

About the teacher, Gale Dulal

Gale Dulal is a qualified and experienced Electrical and Computer Engineer, who worked in the private sector of the oil and gas industry for 25 years (upstream, downstream, onshore and offshore), before taking up a vital position with the Ministry of Public Utilities as (the country’s) Electrification Sector Specialist. Ms Dulal is a member of the Board of Engineering of Trinidad and Tobago, a member of the Association of Professionals Engineers and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, wherein she also serves as the Vice Chair of the Women In Engineering of Trinidad and Tobago. She is a true conservationist with respect to electricity usage and boasts of having maybe the lowest electricity bill in the country, being a real and modern day practitioner of conservation and efficiency of electricity usage for over 25 years.

How to Eat Healthy During Christmas

9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.
We Cafe
We Cafe, 3 Crystal Stream Road
Diego Martin TT

The Christmas season can be overwhelming. The rush to get shopping done, no time to cook while the house is being cleaned. And on the holiday, there is an overwhelming amount of food and alcohol. Proper nutrition and a healthful diet are usually the first things to be thrown out of the window during the Christmas season. Learn the basics of Nutrition for the Caribbean, how to plan a balanced meal, how to navigate the Christmas table and what are the healthiest Christmas foods you can choose (and ways that existing foods can be made healthier). Recipes will be included in the lecture.

Bring one of the following:
An email testimonial after class
Coffee beans
Dark chocolate
Dog treats
Fresh fruits
Photography services
The most inspirational book you've ever read
Unusual ceramics/pottery

About the teacher, Janelle Zakour

Janelle Zakour is a registered dietitian. She is also the Director of Purple Carrot Nutrition and Vice President of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Nutritionists and Dietitians (TTANDi). She is an entrepreneur, plant-based chef, nutrition educator and a permaculturist with a passion for rewilding and cultivating personal empowerment.

Three Ways of Finding Lasting Joy

9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.
We Cafe
We Cafe, 3 Crystal Stream Road
Diego Martin TT

Kickstart 2018 with our January edition of Trade School Port of Spain as author Carolyn Correia helps us to navigate life's storms in this interactive and engaging class on 3 ways of finding lasting joy. Through the use of imagery, real life/practical anecdotes and Q&A, you will discover why it is never too late to accomplish your dreams as you are given food for thought to unearth your true passion and purpose, and/or rejuvenate your existing career/vocation. Listen to her formula for avoiding the 'plague of obsessive comparison disorder' which is so prevalent in our culture and how to tap into what really brings you joy. Find out how to return to your centre, especially if you've lost your 'mojo', how to be discerning and identify toxic people/naysayers who try to kill your dreams and how to discover true abundance in spite of your circumstance.

Bring one of the following:
2018 Diary/Planner
Aromatherapy dehumidifier
Bottle of (good) extra dry white wine
Herbal tea (tea bags) or ground coffee
HP 662 Black cartridge
HP 662 Colour cartridge
Potted plants of herbs, vegetables or roses
Scented Candles
Two hours of volunteering for admin/(tele)marketing/sales services for Carolyn
Written Testimonial after class

About the teacher, Carolyn Kristy Correia

Carolyn Kristy Correia is a writer, turned storyteller who is passionate about helping others find their true passion and life's purpose. She is a communications consultant, speaker and freelance journalist with 100+ published articles that have appeared in the Woman Express, Newsday, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily (NYC), Maco People, Panache Jamaica, Paradise Pulse magazines and more. She has 10+ years experience in the private and public sectors in the fields of Corporate Communications, Marketing and Human Resource Management in industries such as finance, entrepreneurship, trade/commerce, tourism and media. She is a creative at heart that grounds her passion in a theoretical framework with undergraduate and post graduate qualifications and certifications in Mass Communications, Public Relations, Literature, Human Resource Management and Broadcasting. Join her at Trade School and I promise you, she will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Getting Your Résumé Right

9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.
We Cafe
We Cafe, 3 Crystal Stream Road
Diego Martin TT

This initial programme “Getting your Résumé Right” is appropriate for anyone, your résumé is YOUR calling card to engage the hiring manager. Your résumé must convince the HR Department to invite YOU for the interview. It’s the golden ticket that gets your skills in the game! This session will address all the elements of a winning résumé and highlight the top 10 things to avoid with your “interview winning” résumé. We look forward to a highly interactive session with the team, come prepare to have fun while we explore the power of an effective résumé! At the end of these sessions participants should have gained an appreciation of, the meaning and importance of having an effective résumé to support career development. The application of various techniques and styles and achieve success with your résumé and common mistakes to avoid when preparing one’s résumé. Bonus material on ‘How to dress the part’ and ‘Bio Sketches’ will be provided.

Bring one of the following:
Post a testimonial to Choice HR Facebook Page
Unique Stationery (Coloured Sharpies, Journals, Post-Its etc.)
Volunteer Four Hours of social media management to Choice HR
Volunteer Two Hours at Association of Female Executives of T&T (AFETT)
Volunteer Two Hours for two weeks of admin support to Choice HR

About the teacher, Caron Greaves

Caron is a Senior HR Expert with over 24 years of diverse experience in all HR management systems. She led a team of 22 professionals in the Telecommunications industry, who provided strategic support to the corporation’s achievement of business critical objectives. Caron successfully created and deployed job enrichment and developmental programmes geared towards enhancing the talent pool of not only company assets but also the youth of Trinidad and Tobago. She has continued with her family’s tradition of wealth creation by successful creating and executing her unique business seminar – Innovation is Serious Business, since 2016. Caron is a Senior lecturer at one of the premier educational institutions in Trinidad and facilitates Masters Students reading for the HRM and Employee Relations modules of the Edinburgh Business School (EBS) programme. She most recently attained her Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education with the University of Greenwich. In 2014, Ms. Greaves realized one of her life’s dreams by opening her HR consulting organisation – Choice HR Limited; which brings a brand of purposeful HR services to Trinidad & Tobago and the region. Additionally, Caron is the MD - Options for Choices, a Laventille based wealth creation NGO dedicated to providing quality education and youth development opportunities within the Laventille community.

We Cafe
We Cafe, 3 Crystal Stream Road
Diego Martin TT

This is an excellent class for parents of children of any age- from babies to teenagers and will focus on misbehaviour and how to effectively deal with misbehaviour. It will touch on the driver of behaviour or kids and people behave the way they do. Parents will learn new approaches to teach kids emotional regulation and skills. Parents will learn simple practices to respond rather than react to misbehaviour. Participants can start implementing these approaches right away at home "to put an end to whining, arguing and disobeying".

Bring one of the following:
A bottle of Merlot
Del Mano sausages
Frozen Grouper or Mahi Mahi fillets
Fruits e.g. avocado, lemons, limes, strawberries, pawpaw, apples
Kibbys (any type)
Movietowne vouchers
Potted plants like rosemary, wild orchid or ferns
Veggies e.g. eggplant, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers

About the teacher, Sophie Barcant

Sophie Barcant is a qualified teacher, trainer and facilitator. She holds degrees from Queens University, Canada, in Psychology and Education with speciality in Special Education. As a mother of 8, managing and raising her family for the past 30 years, Sophie now offers one to one parenting coaching and consulting. She is a member of Parenting TT’s media campaigns and shares parenting ideas on the radio and printed media periodically. She is passionate about facilitating people in self discovery and how to create and maintain happy, healthy harmonious relationships. Besides raising her own children she has taken extensive training in peer counselling and done much research in understanding human behavior and sought out practices and approaches in Fostering harmony and balance in personal and family life.

Living a Life that Works

11:00a.m. to 1:00p.m.
We Cafe
We Cafe, 3 Crystal Stream Road
Diego Martin TT

In this taster session on authentic communication with Alicia, students will explore learning the four pillars to manifesting effective and authentic communication. Come prepared to take a look as to why breakdowns in your communication occur at home, work or school. Students will leave with tools to develop and create fulfilling relationships through improved communication in all areas of your life.

Bring one of the following:
A bottle of white wine (Riesling or Moscato)
Actvitity books for kids (3 - 7 yrs)
Art and craft supplies for kids (3 - 7 yrs) e.g play doh, paints
Children's books by Caribbean authors
Fruits e.g. mangoes, oranges, portugals, pawpaw, avocado, breadfruit etc.
Pastries and cakes (no meat!)
Volunteer four hours with SHIFT! Caribbean Adult Workshop (May 2018)
Volunteer four hours with SHIFT! Caribbean Youth Workshop (April 2018)

About the teacher, Alicia Small

Alicia Small has over 10 years of experience in marketing and communications strategy, leadership and community development both in Trinidad and Tobago and in the United States. She is the founder of SHIFT! Caribbean and has designed and facilitated workshops on leadership development, communication, project design and systems thinking for individuals, NGOs, businesses who are committed to sustainable transformational change for Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region. Alicia is also working with Landmark Education, a global company based in California that specialises in personal transformation and leadership development to host a series of innovative programs locally. She is able to connect with and effectively work to help people develop personally and professionally in the communities she serves is committed to positive social change here in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Social Media for Small Business

10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.
We Cafe
We Cafe, 3 Crystal Stream Road
Diego Martin TT

This interactive session is set to change your view on the use of social media to boost your reach. Sydney seeks to create an engaging conversation on practical solutions, small business can use to manage their social media content. Participants will be given tools for effective content creation, photography insight and the importance of choosing the right platforms for your business.

Bring one of the following:
Gym Membership Vouchers
Home-Schooling Resources
Meal Planning

About the teacher, Sydney Joseph

Sydney Joseph has been working in the field of photography and social media since graduating secondary school, after a brief start as a model, she was left feeling dejected by the criticism of her body not fitting the “model type”. This led her to pursue a career in photography so that she could make every single person she captured feel beautiful in their own skin. Her embodiment of entrepreneurship carried her to venture further into other passions. She has always held an interest in local dialect which she believes allows us to express ourselves in ways that standard English does not. It is with this passion for communication and a chance encounter helping a family friend with their social media, she realized how effective social media platforms could be for communication. It is with this mindset that she started the Sydney Joseph Social Media Management company. Sydney is also a passionate volunteer for causes that help to build better futures and has worked with causes and organisations such as 868Change, TEDxPortof Spain and the Growing Leaders Foundation as she believes that donating her time to causes that pursue great action is necessary for change in Trinidad and Tobago.