Feb 24, 2018 Saturday

Getting Your Résumé Right

9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.
We Cafe
We Cafe, 3 Crystal Stream Road
Diego Martin TT

This initial programme “Getting your Résumé Right” is appropriate for anyone, your résumé is YOUR calling card to engage the hiring manager. Your résumé must convince the HR Department to invite YOU for the interview. It’s the golden ticket that gets your skills in the game! This session will address all the elements of a winning résumé and highlight the top 10 things to avoid with your “interview winning” résumé. We look forward to a highly interactive session with the team, come prepare to have fun while we explore the power of an effective résumé! At the end of these sessions participants should have gained an appreciation of, the meaning and importance of having an effective résumé to support career development. The application of various techniques and styles and achieve success with your résumé and common mistakes to avoid when preparing one’s résumé. Bonus material on ‘How to dress the part’ and ‘Bio Sketches’ will be provided.

Bring one of the following:
Post a testimonial to Choice HR Facebook Page
Unique Stationery (Coloured Sharpies, Journals, Post-Its etc.)
Volunteer Four Hours of social media management to Choice HR
Volunteer Two Hours at Association of Female Executives of T&T (AFETT)
Volunteer Two Hours for two weeks of admin support to Choice HR

About the teacher, Caron Greaves

Caron is a Senior HR Expert with over 24 years of diverse experience in all HR management systems. She led a team of 22 professionals in the Telecommunications industry, who provided strategic support to the corporation’s achievement of business critical objectives. Caron successfully created and deployed job enrichment and developmental programmes geared towards enhancing the talent pool of not only company assets but also the youth of Trinidad and Tobago. She has continued with her family’s tradition of wealth creation by successful creating and executing her unique business seminar – Innovation is Serious Business, since 2016. Caron is a Senior lecturer at one of the premier educational institutions in Trinidad and facilitates Masters Students reading for the HRM and Employee Relations modules of the Edinburgh Business School (EBS) programme. She most recently attained her Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education with the University of Greenwich. In 2014, Ms. Greaves realized one of her life’s dreams by opening her HR consulting organisation – Choice HR Limited; which brings a brand of purposeful HR services to Trinidad & Tobago and the region. Additionally, Caron is the MD - Options for Choices, a Laventille based wealth creation NGO dedicated to providing quality education and youth development opportunities within the Laventille community.