Apr 16, 2015 Thursday
OMB Room 114
Room 114, Old Main Building, King Edward Avenue, Scottsville
Pietermaritzburg ZA

ROLWA is a process used by the Young Christian Workers that involves the process of See, Judge and Act. It is used to engage young people in critical thinking through their day to day life action in order to confront their struggles. These struggles might be unemployment, gender, informal sector and formal sector. This process engages young people between the ages 16-30; however there is a process by the Adult Movement that engages former YCWs, and I am one of those. All in all ROLWA challenges young people to think critically and act responsibly in confronting their day to day struggles. The class will be offered in English, with isiZulu if necessary.

Bring one of the following:
A bible story book for kids
Any book for a teenage girl, aged 15-17
Any comedy DVD
Bed time story book for 3-5 year old
Bible commentary
Gym/Yoga mat
Skipping rope
The book "A dying colonialism" by Frantz Fanon
The book "Black skins white masks" by Frantz Fanon
The book "I write what I like" by Steve Biko
The book "The wretched of the earth" by Frantz Fanon
Theology dictionary

About the teacher, Skhumbuzo

I am a Programme Activist at Church Land Programme (CLP), working with Rural Based Activist Movements and communities. I am a former General Secretary of the South African Young Christian Workers and former fieldworker at Ujamaa Centre UKZN. I am also a part time student at UKZN doing my honours degree in Theology and Development. I enjoy working in a free environment not too serious, I laugh and play a lot at the same time as being efficient. I am very casual in my approach to life yet persistent, committed and strive for excellence. I love my past, present and have faith in my future.