Apr 16, 2015 Thursday

Palestine 101

3:30p.m. to 5:00p.m.
OMB Room 23
Room 23, Old Main Building, Kind Edward Avenue, Scottsville
Pietermaritzburg ZA

There is currently a momentous shift in perceptions on Palestine taking place throughout the world. Civil society organisations in South Africa are playing a significant role in this regard. The so-called 'Palestinian-Israeli' conflict has for the most part been written off as 'too complex' for our understanding and response. Today, however, it is being understood more concretely as an 'ethical challenge' revolving around human dignity and human rights. In this class we put on such an ethical lens to explore how issues of human dignity and human rights are reshaping and clarifying public opinion on Palestine today and mobilising solidarity movements to take concrete steps to strengthen our ethical responsibility. Join us for a dynamic, interactive, thought-provoking and challenging session together. The class will be offered in English.

Bring one of the following:
1 hour of administrative assistance
1 hour of blogging lessons
1 hour of language instruction (isiXhosa, isiZulu, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, French, German)
1 hour of Latin American/ballroom lessons (intermediate or bronze level)
1 hour of livestream lessons
1 hour of social media event promotion
1 hour of voluntary transport assistance for a group of my students
1 hour of website development assistance
1 hour voice training
5 brilliant jokes with a point
A "The Simpsons" DVD
A book (13-15-year-old range)
An ice-skating or roller-blading session
An iPhone/IPad charger
An office pot-plant
Arrange a session at your church for us to facilitate a seminar on Palestine
Assistance in creating a 2-minute promotional video
Create a 10-minute edited video of our session
Create a dynamic brochure for print and electronic media
Logo development assistance
Partner up for a game of squash
Take high quality photographs of our session
Trade me a class

About the teacher, Clint Le Bruyns

Activist, theologian, radio presenter. I am based at UKZN as director and senior lecturer for the Theology and Development Programme. I am energised by people who love to learn, to laugh, to dance, to read, to travel, to walk along the beach, and to contribute to the lives of others.