Aug 20, 2016 Saturday
Church Land Programme Flat
Church Land Programme Flat 4, 340 Burger Street
Pietermaritzburg ZA

You will learn to cast on, do the knit and purl stitches and cast off, by knitting a facecloth. These are the basic skills you need to start becoming a knitter. And you will have a useful item to keep or give away. Anyone is welcome to attend, from the age of about 10, to the age of about 90! Bring knitting needles, 4 or 5 mm size, and a ball of cotton or bamboo yarn to use (cotton is available at Wool and Haby, Thimbles and Threads in Hilton (Lower Quarry) has a wider range.) I will bring some extra balls of yarn to sell to those who can't get to the shops. This class will be offered in English

Bring one of the following:
An extra ball or cotton or bamboo yarn, to knit facecloths for inclusion in packs for survivors of rape (keen learners can knit the cloths)
chocolate or biscuits to share with the class or leave for other classes
flowers from your garden
soap or deodorant for care packs for survivors of rape

About the teacher, Kate Hoole

I'm a journalist by profession and a knitter for pleasure. I like knitting socks, lace, cardigans and hats, and I firmly believe that knitting a facecloth is a worthwhile enterprise: it's fun to do, and the facecloth is nice to use.