Aug 27, 2016 Saturday

Learn Highland Dancing

12:00p.m. to 2:00p.m.
Centre for Visual Arts
Centre for Visual Arts, Ridge Road
Scottsville ZA

PLEASE NOTE THIS CLASS WILL RUN AS SCHEDULED. It is not affected by the suspension of the academic programme on campus. In this class I will o teach a basic fling o do an introduction to sword dancing o teach an easy group country dance. There will be something for everyone, working at all ability and fitness levels. I encourage all people of all ages from 4 upwards to attend, and would welcome those with disabilities, both visible and hidden. This is an opportunity to try out Highland dancing to see whether you would like to do more of it. PLEASE BRING WITH: • Clothes – please wear shorts (shorty or knee-length) and a tee-shirt (Close-fitting, not too baggy) or a leotard, with a track-suit over. • Feet – dancing will be bare-foot unless you have Highland, soft Irish, ballet, or country pumps. Dancing in sox only is not encouraged because of risk of injury. Cannot be done in sneakers/trainers/’tekkies’/school shoes. • Sticks – from your garden waste heap, or walking sticks, or crutches, or broom sticks or mops, or ‘tight’ umbrellas – 2 sticks about 100-120cm long to double-up as swords as I do not have enough. Ties also work! Or rope… • Water – in a plastic bottle • Facecloth or towel • A Sense of humour

Bring one of the following:
A donation of cleaned recycling material (wash the bottles, cans etc!) for the Ashburton employment project
Art/craft class
Fresh fruit
Fresh veggies
Pre-loved craft materials
Surprise me!
The use of a pick-up to remove the sticks not used as swords from my garden to donate to cub-scouts for campfires
Vegan food items
Wine (wrapped in a brown paper bag!)

About the teacher, Noleen Loubser

I have a PhD in Psychology and teach in Politics! It is Highland dancing that enables me to lay any claims to sanity... I started learning as an adult with the belief that it is never too late to have a happy childhood, and found it to be beneficial on multiple levels, setting the scene for one of my retirement plans of going into dance and movement therapy. I myself have struggled with a learning disability and have seen the remedial potential of Highland dancing. I am a qualified and registered Highland dance teacher in both Scotland and South Africa, and would love to revive an interest for three reasons: o It is a beautiful art form o It is excellent exercise o It has so many therapeutic benefits I no longer compete, but delight in seeing my dancers do well at competitions, and enjoy doing demonstrations for those who like to watch this beautiful dancing.