Sep 9, 2015 Wednesday
OMB Room 114
Room 114, Old Main Building, King Edward Avenue, Scottsville
Pietermaritzburg ZA

A fun(ny), interactive session on reading and writing Koine Greek (common dialect; Hellenstic Greek; biblical Greek). We will sing the alphabet, write secret-code messages, and read any Greek text with confidence and delight (as if we know what Greek means). There's even time for learning vocabulary, words that you won't forget and might even enhance your English. If you would like to, please bring any particular Greek text you'd like to be able to read. The class will be conducted in English.

Bring one of the following:
a cooking lesson (healthy or special meal)
A squash match or two at Virgin Active Cascades
administrative assistance
An office pot-plant
gym instruction
hook me up with a professional dance company (intermediate)
improve and update the Theology and Development Programme website
isiZulu sessions
photo or video coverage of an event
physical exercise accountability
promotional materials design for the Theology and Development Programme
proof reading assistance for a student
research assistance
second hand books on dinosaurs
some voice training and feedback
teach me how to roller-blade

About the teacher, Clint Le Bruyns

Activist, theologian, radio presenter. I am based at UKZN as director and senior lecturer for the Theology and Development Programme. I am energised by people who love to learn, to laugh, to dance, to read, to travel, to walk along the beach, and to contribute to the lives of others.