Sep 3, 2016 Saturday
Church Land Programme Boardroom
Church Land Programme Boardroom, 340 Burger Street
Pietermaritzburg ZA

The dreaded “Fracking word” has reached KwaZulu Natal. Companies and consultants are putting on their best spin for the public in trying to get them to believe that gas from KZN will solve the SA energy crisis and that it will not harm the people and workers of KZN. This is hard on the heels of similar ventures in the Karoo, where they have failed to start exploration after years of attempts to get fracking started. The story of the energy in SA will be shared together with the story of the resistance of fracking in the Karoo and myths about energy and fracking will be busted! Please bring with you to class: Pen and paper Water from where you come from – even if it is out of a tap – 500 mls A handful of soil from where you live This class will be run in English

Bring one of the following:
A commitment to engage with groundWork and local activist beyond.
A newspaper article on fracking
A willingness to hold small discussion groups on fracking where you come from especially in isiZulu with workers on farms and the unemployed
Agree to jointly host an anti-fracking gathering in PMB
Agree to write a letter to the local media about the fact that fracking is not the solution to our energy challenges

About the teacher, Bobby Peek & Ulrich Steenkamp

Bobby is a local organiser with groundWork, an environmental NGO working with community people around South Africa who are resisting dirty energy projects. Bobby started his work in environmental justice because he was forced to live next to the Engen oil refinery which made is asthma acute. Ulrich is a local organiser with the Karoo Environmental Justice Movement, a gathering of the unemployed, farm workers and small emerging farmers in the Karoo who have been part of the struggle to push back against fracking in the Karoo.