Aug 29, 2016 Monday
Ronald MacMillan Lecture Theatre
Ronald MacMillan Lecture Theatre, Golf Road
Scottsville ZA

A lot has transpired since the #fessmustfall movement officially began in 2015. Most importantly, students are still not satisfied with the outcomes, particularly relating to access to education. At the same time, other important issues, such as institutional culture and the quality of education in South African institutions of higher learning, (re)emerged from this movement. This panel discussion will be led by three students from the University of KwaZulu Natal, University of Cape Town and Rhodes University to share their stories and reflections. It will also invite attendees to actively engage in the conversation by exchanging their knowledge, stories and reflections regarding the topic. To enhance the overall quality of the conversation, students are invited to bring along the following: Pen and paper An item about #feesmustfall from media/social media Their knowledge, experiences and views about the issue

Bring one of the following:
any newspaper/journal article about South African higher education and/or policies
anything from the hearts of those attending
teach Josh your favourite struggle song, so that he can teach students in Brazil

About the teacher, Yanda Josh and Siya

Yanda: Born and raised in Mthatha. I have two Master of Arts degrees, one in Sociology from Rhodes University and the other one in Development and Governance from University Duisburg-Essen. I am socially and academically interested and invested in youth development and education, particularly in the lives of those from rural and township areas, where the struggle for economic and social emancipation is still rife. Siya: First I was involved in the fees must fall protest, and have been informed about its causes. I also do panel discussions and interested in the discussion of social issues. Josh: I work on how education is contested by social movements in times of social rupture, particularly in South Africa and Brazil. Having previously studied at the University of Cape Town, I'm now a PhD student in the Centre of Development Studies in Cambridge. I have been involved in some preliminary attempts at international solidarity work with various student movements, including #FeesMustFall, and I'm interested in learning more about how to help support those in educational struggles.