Apr 17, 2015 Friday
OMB Room 115
Room 115, Old Main Building, King Edward Avenue, Scottsville
Pietermaritzburg ZA

Even though many people use herbs in food processes they usually buy them from the shops and many use the dry ones due to problems of availability and possibly affordability as fresh ones are expensive. It is very easy for one to grow their own herbs in containers placed next to the window in your house as you do not necessarily need to have a big garden. Many of the household herbs can be used for a number of purposes including medicinal. In this class we will explore the uses of the common herbs and outline briefly their growth requirements. We will then practically plant a few in containers for the participants to take home. This will hopefully be a time of learning and fun when we play with soil a bit as we explore how to grow our own herbs with more understanding and purpose. The list of herbs to be subject for the class may include the following: parsley, celery, thyme, garlic, ginger, dill, fennel, basil, oregano, dandelion, rosemary. The class will involve planting celery, garlic, thyme in a small pot or container. Please bring an empty two litre milk bottle/juice carton or small plant pots, and paper and pen for making notes.

Bring one of the following:
a bulb of garlic
A commitment to look after your planted herbs and use them!
a packet of apples
a pair of gloves
herb seedlings
potting mixture

About the teacher, Dumisile Mkhonta

I am a female minister pastoring in the Methodist Church for a community in Greytown mostly over the weekends. During the week days I work at Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary as the Field Education Ministry co – coordinator. I am currently enrolled at the UKZN for a Master’s programme in the Theology and Development programme. I worked for many years in my country Swaziland as a coordinator in the Schools Agriculture programme. My passion is farming / teaching others to grow their own food and I love fresh vegetables.