Sep 10, 2015 Thursday

Belly dance for beginners

4:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
Education Building, Room 22
Room 22, Education Building, Golf Road
Scottsville ZA

The class is suitable for women of any age, and of any fitness level. It will cover a warm up to music, introduction to the basic moves and chance to practice them a bit (with an emphasis on fun rather than technical perfection!), ending with learning some simple choreography to dance to a short piece of music. Please wear any comfortable clothes suitable for gentle exercise - loose pants or leggings and a vest top are advised, with a skirt over the leggings if you prefer. Some coin belts and veils will be provided. If you are able, bring along a kikoi-sized sarong (preferably of chiffon or some synthetic fabric), but this is not necessary. The class will be run in English, but it is not necessary to understand all the instructions, as students can observe and copy.

Bring one of the following:
A ballroom dancing lesson
A conversation in isiZulu (I recently did a basic course, and need to practice!)
A couple of aubergines, or red or yellow peppers, or avocado pears, or lemons, or cut flowers, or anything else from your garden
Any aloe, but I am particularly looking for an aloe ferox plant, if you happen to have one you don't want!
Promise to donate a book or two to the Hospice book shop
Promise to read a good story to/with a child, especially one who doesn't often get read to
You favourite health reacipe (eg a delicious and easy family supper dish to add to our boring repertoire...)

About the teacher, Julia Arbuckle

I learned belly dancing from a wonderful teacher, Anne Knowles, who started the Raqs Sharqi Dance Company in PMB. I danced as a hobby and for exercise for 10+ years, performing and becoming an assistant teacher to Anne before eventually starting my own class/dance group. I sadly haven't found time to dance for a couple of years, so I look forward to dusting off my coin belt and sharing this beautiful, fund and healthy dance form at the Trade School