Apr 16, 2015 Thursday

Myths about rape

2:00p.m. to 2:30p.m.
OMB Room 115
Room 115, Old Main Building, King Edward Avenue, Scottsville
Pietermaritzburg ZA

The talk will concentrate on myths about rape, but will include the current legal definition and how the Act defines rape. Please bring: An open mind The class will be offered in English

Bring one of the following:
A pencil sketch of anything in nature
A small note book
A very short story about your life at UKZN or in PMB
It would be wonderful if I could exchange the talk for a group of students starting a support group for rape survivors.
Lesson in Power Point, preferably before the 16th!
Surprise me!
Trade me a class!

About the teacher, Mary Kleinenberg

In the early eighties Pietermaritzburg Rape Crisis was formed and a few dedictaed women carried a bleeper which made it possible to call them at any time to counsel rape survivors. In the early nineties the Black Sash gender group wrote a booklet on rape for free distribution in Advice Offices and crisis centres. I was involved in both these initiatives and when I read that women on the PMB campus could ask for someone to accompany them when walking on campus at night it made me angry to think that, although we live in a Constitutional Democracy that claims gender equality, when it comes to violence nothing has changed for women.