We Need Micro-Volunteers

Micro-volunteering is a fast growing trend for people volunteering to help a cause or group. It's a kind of bite-sized piece of volunteering that requires very little time and consists of short and specific actions that are quick to start and complete and is usually done online.

Trade School Norwich is looking for micro-volunteers to help us spread the word about what we offer the people of this fine city through Facebook, Twitter and email. Once a month we will email you some text that we would like to you just copy and paste into your social media accounts or email to friends and colleagues in the Norwich area that you think might be interested in what we have to offer.

That's it! You get to help us make Trade School Norwich better known and it'll just take a few minutes in your busy schedule every month.

If you want to be part of this then just click on the link below and fill in your details.

Become a Micro-Volunteer

Thanks very much in advance.