Further Resources

Take It Further

We've often been asked by students for materials so that they can carry on learning after their class has finished. We are now asking every teacher to supply a list of books from the Norfolk Library Service, websites and any other resources that students can use after the class has finished. The list will be posted on the Trade School Norwich blog and the link sent to the students.


We've teamed up with NORLETS. This is the local LETS scheme where people can trade skills and services with each other (just like Trade School). We have agreed that teachers can ask for 10 NORLETS credits as a barter item for their classes if they are NORLETS members. If any students are NORLETS members then they can offer 10 of their credits as a barter.

We would like to encourage all of our teachers and students to open a NORLETS account so that they can take advantage of this new partnership. You can find details at the NORLETS website.

Digital Badges

Remember when you were in the cubs or the brownies? You probably got badges for various accomplishments like baking a cake or identifying animal tracks. Digital badges are the same thing except that they exist in the digital world rather than on sewn on a sleeve. We will be creating digital badges for our teachers and for many of our classes. After the class is over you will get an email telling you how to claim your digital badge. You can then show your badge off to the world through your Facebook page.