Feb 18, 2017 Saturday

Simple Clothes Repair

2:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.
Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library
Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library
Norwich GB

Learn to mend your own clothes and keep them going for much longer. Bring something that needs a simple repair, and discover how to tackle it yourself - we will look at repairing and reinforcing hems and seams, fixing buttons and other fastenings and patching and darning various tears and holes by hand. Basic equipment will be available, but bring your own if you have it; scraps for patches, needles, threads, mending wool etc.

Bring one of the following:
Fairtrade chocolate/sweet treats
Fairtrade ground coffee
Food plants/seeds/seedlings
Natural fiber yard - leftovers, charity shop etc
Nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc for baking - pref. organic.

About the teacher, Sophie Cabot

I'm an archaeologist and teacher of adults, and I'm also interested in green issues and handmade, homemade, traditional and thrifty skills. I knit, sew, cook, try to grow things, and generally like to have a go at the way things were done on the past, and I hate to see usable things go to waste.