Jun 17, 2014 Tuesday
The Common Room at St Laurence's Church
St Benedict's Street
Norwich GB

Secret Garden is a creative life-changing personal development technique which uses visualisation, meditation and art to become more in tune with the self. It has been described as Jungian, Shamanic, Spiritual as well as other things, but it is whatever the participant needs it to be and is a tool which can be used for life. But Secret Garden is not what you think it will be! You won't be taken on a meandering journey smelling the roses (unless you want to!). Instead I can only show you 5 things during the meditation, everything else is found by you individually or as a group.

Bring one of the following:
30 Minute Rundown Plug Timer
Art Materials or Large Blank Canvas
Fruit and Vegetables
Help to Refelt a Shed
Vegetables Plants

About the teacher, Tricia Frances

I teach art and textiles in school. I also display my art and teach personal development and meditation.