Sep 24, 2016 Saturday

Introduction to Cold Smoking Food

12:00p.m. to 2:00p.m.
29 Pilling Park Road
29 Pilling Park Road
Norwich NR1 4PA GB

An Introduction to cold smoking food in the back garden. You will be introduced to the successful methods that I employee to effectively, efficiently and economically cold smoke foods such as Meats, Fish, Cheeses, Fresh & Dried vegetables, and snack foods such as mixed seeds and nuts. You will be shown the equipment that I use, and some of the tips and tricks I have learnt along the way, we will discuss the merits and flavours of different woods used in cold smoking, and we will prepare some food items for cold smoking. If you like you may bring some dried sweet peppers, mixed seeds and nuts, dried tomatoes to be smoked (available from the Herbs & Spices stall on the market) Please do not bring any meat, fish or cheese. Your cold smoked items can then be collected from me on following day for you to enjoy at your leisure. To collect your cold smoked items from me, I will be in the Playhouse Bar & Garden all afternoon on Sunday 25th running Norwich AlleyCat.

Bring one of the following:
Apple, Beech, Hawthorn or Oak log about 6" X 24"
Dog biscuits; Shapes or Markies only please
Freshly picked vegetables from your garden or plot
Mixed Dried Fruit... surprise me!
Small box of single or mixed flavour fruit teas

About the teacher, Gareth Lewis

A 55 year old teenager at heart; whose ego writes cheques his body is now becoming reluctant to cash. After a career in agricultural engineering I currently have my own small business called Cargo Cycles. I am also aiming to live as self-sufficient a lifestyle as possible.