Oct 21, 2017 Saturday

Introduction to Cold Smoking Food

9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.
29 Pilling Park Road
29 Pilling Park Road
Norwich NR1 4PA GB

You will be introduced to the successful methods I employ to effectively, efficient and economically cold smoke foodstuffs such as Meats, Fish, cheeses, fresh and dried vegetables, and snack items such as seed mixes and nuts. You will be shown the equipment I use and some of the tips and tricks I learnt along the way. We will discuss the merits and flavours of different woods used in cold smoking and we will prepare some foodstuffs for cold smoking. If you like you may bring some dried sweet peppers or sun dried tomatoes or 50g whole Black Pepper grinders and exchange them with me for the same but previously cold smoked (there is nothing better tasting than cold smoked freshly ground pepper on your dinner!). Please do not bring meats fish or cheeses. This class is happening outside so please dress appropriately.

Bring one of the following:
1 Packet of Large (butter) Muslin cloth Squares
2 X 12” Wooden Embroidery Rings
4 X 6” Wooden Embroidery Rings
8 hour long burn time tea light candles
A2 and/orA3 Artist’s sketch pads
Kilner style drinks dispenser
Large round bottom Kilner style flip top jar(s) over 1 litre capacity

About the teacher, Gareth Lewis

A 55 year old teenager at heart; whose ego writes cheques his body is now becoming reluctant to cash. After a career in agricultural engineering I currently have my own small business called Cargo Cycles. I am also aiming to live as self-sufficient a lifestyle as possible.