Sep 9, 2017 Saturday

Basic Chicken-Keeping

3:00p.m. to 4:30p.m.
6 Hanly Close
6 Hanly Close
Norwich NR7 9EA GB

An introduction to keeping chickens: What to feed them How to gently pick them up Housing options Parasites and how to treat them Chicken behaviours Dispelling egg myths And any general questions. Optionally hands on (this is encouraged) I'm not an expert- just a backyard chicken-keeper who has been (mostly successfully) keeping hens since 2011.

Bring one of the following:
Advice on planning permission for habitable dwelling
Advice on using social media for business
Apple cider vinegar
Ceanothus/ rose/ hydrangea cuttings
Homemade marmalade
Pallet wood or similar for wood-burner
Shredded paper (machine shred)

About the teacher, Rachael Filbey-Howe

I'm a lover of chickens and have a taste for the "good-life". I've recently started keeping bees. I am a Dru yoga teacher, personal trainer and speech and language therapist. I'm a dedicated veggie foodie, interested in health, wellbeing and glamping amongst other things.