Aug 10, 2014 Sunday
(Almost full)
Grapes Hill Community Garden
12 Valentine Street
Norwich GB

The culinary use and nutritional benefits of eating edible flowers are seeing mounting widespread acceptance; as is the excitement in foraging wild foods. In this class we will look at (and sample, if you wish) some of the seasonal flavoursome edible delights that are commonly found in our own gardens and hedgerows, aka Free Food!

Bring one of the following:
A pair of secateurs
A potted vegetable/flowering/fruit plant/bush
A surprise!
Any size watering can
Organic produce
Vegetable/flower seeds (heirloom/heritage only please)

About the teacher, Eco

An amateur horticulturist with a passion for vegetables, self-reliance, and supermarket-dodging, Eco has written articles, blogs and books on a variety of topics, including Self-Sufficiency; Pesticide & GMO-free: Sowing, Growing, Cooking and Preserving your own Food; Wild Food and Edible Flowers; Seed-Saving; Recycling & Reuse; and Free Energy. Eco is also a campaigner, social enterprise mentor, and founder of Wombling and Diggin' For Victory.