Mar 8, 2015 Sunday
The Common Room at St Laurence's Church
St Benedict's Street
Norwich GB

Nag, sex symbol, sister, victim, beloved, mother in law from hell, ugly duckling..... A fun physical exploration of female roles in TV and film. A gender focus workshop not exclusive to women. A Forum Theatre workshop with a gender bias! Come along and enjoy Forum Theatre exercises and games with a gender bias in linked to the UN's International Women's Day. No acting skills needed, instead think of this as a lively debate on your feet with movement..... Intrigued? Then come along.

Bring one of the following:
Coloured card that can be used in a printer
Fountain Pen
Material dye red/orange or purple
Pens - any colour but for writing, I simply don't have enough
Printing paper
The promise to share my website and leaflets three different places

About the teacher, Danny O'Hara

I am no expert, just someone that enjoys being outside and who has a long history of lighting fires for the Woodcraft folk and other organisations. I have Forest School Level One training and basic fire lighting training. I have a small independent theatre company and work as a freelancer as a support worker, using the creative arts and outside learning in therapeutic sessions with people out of work to gain confidence to try and overcome their problems. I have held two workshops for TSN and look forward to another hour in the great outside :)