Apr 8, 2017 Saturday
29 Pilling Park Road
29 Pilling Park Road
Norwich NR1 4PA GB

During this session you will learn how to make a slot-together plywood picnic table which flat packs for winter storage. We will be utilising only one sheet of plywood and will be working to a set of woodworkingplans that were originally designed for the Scouts over 50 years ago. However, that doesn’tmean this design is not stylish today. When made these tables are robust, will seat 4 adults comfortably with a table top large enough to accommodate even a big party, picnic or BBQ spread. Just a single adult can assemble one of these tables and have it ready for use in about 90 seconds without the need for tools. Disassembly and strapping together for storage will take only 2-3 minutes so the table can be stored indoors, or the shed/garage/conservatory and allow it to be ready for immediate use; even as an additional party table during the festive season. We will begin with learning how to read woodworking plans, moving on to the marking out, selecting the correct hand & power tools, cutting out and cleaning up, fitting together and basic sanding before preparation for finishing. This will be a 4 hour long outdoor session, so you will need to be dressed in appropriate clothing and wearing suitable strong footwear. Be prepared to fully participate, although I will take over so you may watch me doing the more arduous parts, and those sections where individuals may not be confident using the tools. You will receive a set of plans to take home with you.

Bring one of the following:
Potted trailing Lobelia
2 grow bags
Hand painted medium or large clay flower pot
Packet of Calendula seeds
Tray of African Marigolds
Tray of viable Geranium cuttings

About the teacher, Gareth Lewis

54 year old teenager at heart; who's ego writes cheques his body is now becoming reluctant to cash. After a career in agricultural engineering I currently have my own small business called Cargo Cycles. I am also aiming to live as self-sufficient a lifestyle as possible.