Mar 19, 2016 Saturday
(Almost full)

Fabric Flowers

12:30p.m. to 2:00p.m.
The Common Room at St Laurence's Church
St Benedict's Street
Norwich GB

Come along and learn how to hand sew your own fabric flower that you can take home with you. Bring along a piece of your favourite fabric (cotton fabric will work great). A fat quarter (about £2-3 in most sewing shops) should be more than enough. You can also bring along a piece of coordinating ribbon too (up to 1inch/2.5cm wide and about 20 inches/50cm long). I'll bring everything else you'll need. If you've got a pair of sewing or nice sharp scissors, please bring them along so that we have enough to share.

Bring one of the following:
A clean, old fleece blanket
A surprise (vegetarian)
Chocolate (vegetarian)
Potted herb

About the teacher, Mary Myerson

I like to sew and make all sorts of things. I have a room full of sewing and craft materials and am trying (but failing) to work my way through the huge stash because it's getting silly! I love animals and I've just gone vegan (hence the cakes and chocolate... yum!). I have previously taught with Trade School and I'm looking forward to teaching again.