Mar 8, 2015 Sunday
The Common Room at St Laurence's Church
St Benedict's Street
Norwich GB

A creative writing class with a gender focus, linked to the March celebration of International Women's Day. What makes a female character strong or weak? Has this changed over time? We will look at a range of women in fiction, discuss the attributes that make up ‘strength’ and investigate whether any are specific to women, or whether the characteristics of strength are universal. Finally, we will be writing stories based around our own strong women characters. NB: In spite of the gender focus, this is not a women-only class! Many strong women characters have been created by male authors and vice-versa! Anyone who would like to spend an hour talking, reading and writing is welcome!

Bring one of the following:
A colourful blanket or throw
An hour of help in my (tiny) garden
An offer to tune my piano
Fruit or herbal tea
Nice coffee (instant or cafetiere)
Old Photographs
Old Postcards

About the teacher, Lesley Hunt

I teach English and history at a local school. I love meeting new people and sharing stories/histories.