May 14, 2016 Saturday

Bee Keeping Experience Session

11:00a.m. to 1:30p.m.
29 Pilling Park Road
29 Pilling Park Road
Norwich NR1 4PA GB

Have you considered keeping bees? Or are just curious as to what goes on inside a Beehive? Join me as I open up and inspect one of my 3 back garden "National" Beehives and see what is entailed, what is required and what has to be done on a routine weekly basis. You will not be asked to do anything, just observe. I have 3 hives and will allow only person at a time to accompany me as I inspect each of the hives in turn, so the places available are strictly limited to 3 only, and this is also subject to there being good prevailing weather conditions: I will not open a hive if it is raining, too cold or too windy. Close fitting long sleeved clothing and sensible footwear will be required, Beekeepers veil and gauntlet type gloves will be available to borrow for the duration. Please do not apply if you have a medical condition, if you are of a nervous disposition or are afraid of insects, as when a hive is opened there will be a lot of bees flying about. You must be able to remain calm, and to do as you are told when you are told if you do not wish to be stung.

Bring one of the following:
A succulent in a pot
A drawing/sketch pad
A small bag of plain dog treats; please, not coloured ones.
An Othello game with all the counters
Home made sausage rolls

About the teacher, Gareth Lewis

A 55 year old teenager at heart; whose ego writes cheques his body is now becoming reluctant to cash. After a career in agricultural engineering I currently have my own small business called Cargo Cycles. I am also aiming to live as self-sufficient a lifestyle as possible.