Sep 23, 2017 Saturday

Basic Knot Tying

1:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.
29 Pilling Park Road
29 Pilling Park Road
Norwich NR1 4PA GB

This is a basic knot tying course for individuals who struggle tying and using basic knots in strings, cords twines and ropes. You will be taught five basic knots and 1 basic whipping (rope end finish) when and how to use them. When learnt these 5 knots and 1 whipping will hold you in good stead around the house, garden and even some craft work. There will be a practice rope available for each attendee to use during this course, so please do not bring one of your own.

Bring one of the following:
1 packet 8 hour burn tea lights
12” Wooden Embroidery Rings
2 X 6” Wooden Embroidery Rings
3 X 40mm Beechwood balls (without holes)
500g-1000g Fresh Ginger Root
A3 Artist’s Pad
Packet Large Muslin Cloth Squares
Reels of Black Waxed Cotton

About the teacher, Gareth Lewis

A 55 year old teenager at heart; whose ego writes cheques his body is now becoming reluctant to cash. After a career in agricultural engineering I currently have my own small business called Cargo Cycles. I am also aiming to live as self-sufficient a lifestyle as possible.