Jan 27, 2018 Saturday

Adventures in Cribbage

1:00p.m. to 2:00p.m.
Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library
Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library
Norwich GB

Whether you are a complete beginner looking for an introduction to the game, or somebody in need of a refresher, attend this session to become ready to play this classic and addictive card game. Norwich has a strong historical connection to the origins of the game through the Suckling family and local leagues operating on Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the year are currently undergoing a renaissance (www.cribbageinnorwich.co.uk) Games bring people together. Cribbage unites generations. Start your adventures in Cribbage here. All are welcome to come and play.

Bring one of the following:
Cribbage Board
Golf Clubs
Homemade Cakes/Biscuits
Illustrations for "Cribbage in the Counties", the book
Website Design Help

About the teacher, Siv Sears

Siv Sears is a teacher and trainer as well as writer and avid Cribbage fanatic. Upon returning to the UK 2 years ago, he immediately undertook to play the very English game in all 39 historical counties of his homeland. Up and down the land he played in pubs, clubs, a prison, a castle, a canal barge and in an Indian restaurant. The finale was at Suckling House in Norwich. To read more see: www.cribbage.org.uk or wait for Cribbage in the Counties, the book. In 2016, Siv won Cribbage gold at the Mind Sports Olympiad in London. Now he’s ready to help you get started on your own path to victory in what he believes to be the greatest 2-player card game in the world.