Trade School is an alternative learning space that runs on barter. Anyone can teach a class, and students can sign up for classes by agreeing to bring barter items that the teacher requests. Trade School has hosted classes on everything from squatting the condos (in exchange for a kombucha mother and research help) to making butter (in exchange for herbs and music tips). In 2010, Trade School was started by three of the five co-founders of creative barter network OurGoods.org. In 2011, self-organized Trade Schools started springing up in Milan, Virginia, LA, London, and Singapore. In 2012, more cities opened. Now in its fourth year, Trade School was just open on Fourth Arts Block in the East Village, and will open again when we find a long term space. Trade School is a self-organized initiative made possible by the following volunteer-members: Aimee Lutkin, Christhian Diaz, Louise Ma, Caroline Woolard, Or Zubalsky, and Rachel Steinberg. If you’re not in NYC, and you’d like to start a Trade School in your area, contact [info@tradeschool.coop](mailto:info@tradeschool.coop). [How to start a tradeschool](/start-a-tradeschool)