We are a group of passion-driven individuals who love learning. Yeah, you can call us nerds.

Trade School Manila exists because we believe everyone can teach. We work on barter, because not everything should be monetised.

We value practical skills and experiential knowledge. We believe that everyone can learn something new everyday. We see in each person the potential to be a teacher, someone who can’t wait to share their passion—be it a language, a craft, a skill, or even just an experience.

We believe that everyone has something valuable to share, regardless of age or social standing. We want to provide a place for people to meet and grow, where reciprocity trumps personal financial returns. We see ourselves as a springboard for the discovery of new passions in life.

Trade School Manila works on three principles -

  • providing learning opportunities that are accessible
  • building a community for sharing skills and knowledge
  • fostering an environment that empowers individuals


Trade School isn’t just about exchanging information. It’s about building communities and creating opportunities.

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TRADE SCHOOL MANILA is modeled after the blueprint of Trade School in New York.