Sep 23, 2015 Wednesday
Ongar Library
High Street
Chipping Ongar Essex CM15 9AB GB

Would you like to be able to tell stories to your children (or anyone else), read with them more effectively, use puppets to enjoy conversations with them? Come and have fun learning how! If you wish, bring a loved soft toy and we will try to use it - you won't have to leave it behind!

Bring one of the following:
a black ball point pen
a favourite story
a thick black felt pen
some decaffeinated tea bags
unwanted hand-puppets

About the teacher, Andrea Moles

I am a Children's Storyteller working for The Christian Drama Resource Centre in 'LifeWorks' Creative Arts and Drama Centre Loughton. Although much of my work in schools and churches is linked with Christianity this workshop will not have Christian input: it will be focused on secular storytelling and children's books.